What is GAGU ?

GAGU is a package published on the NPM platform, It can be installed globally using npm on a device that supports Node.js, and run as a command line to manage files on the device in a browser on the LAN.

GAGU can also run on public networks, but this has not been tested for safety, please use with caution.



GAGU choose NestJS to open some file system I/O operations as a web interface that can be controlled through HTTP requests, and choose React to develop a web interface that can be operated in a browser, and it was hosted by NestJS.

Binary Version

GAGU also provides a binary version of the program that can be run by double-clicking. It is packaged with Vercel/pkg, including the Node.js execution environment, dependency packages, and the built GAGU program code.

The binary version is available out of the box and can be run directly on newly purchased devices or devices without a development environment, which is very friendly to users who do not know much about Node.js.

The binary version is not available on Android.


GAGU is inspired by the “Wireless File Sharing” feature in Android/X-plore, and borrows from the running mode of NPM/anywhere that can be used as soon as it is activated.

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